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  1. Can a XT5 have a 3 inch lift?

    Cadillac XT5 First Generation Forum (2017+)
    I’ve been trying to do some research on whether there’s lift kits to buy therefore I can install it myself or would it have to be a specialized lift kit at a local 4 wheel speciality garage? Thoughts?
  2. Dash Lights on XT5

    Cadillac XT5 First Generation Forum (2017+)
    Hi, I’m new to the group as I just purchased a 2017 XT5. Literally on the drive home from the dealership, I noticed that the dash lights dimmed suddenly. After about 5 minutes the dash lights brightened again. I assumed that my husband or I had hit a button as we were still learning all the...
  3. XT5's big problem

    Cadillac XT5 First Generation Forum (2017+)
    It is a front wheel drive car! AWD may be selected in some models with some reduction in MPG. However, the unpleasant reality is that your "luxury" car has a sideways engine driving the front wheels which are also used for steering. The two simultaneous forces overload suspension and/or tires...
  4. Hello and Happy Friday

    Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    Hello all, I am excited to join the forum and talk with you all. I'm a Cadillac newbie and I'm hoping to learn as much as possible about my new ride. I purchased my first Cadillac in February of this year after several months of car research. I have 2017 XT5 (Luxury) that had roughly 11K miles...