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  1. XLR Forum - 2004-2009
    I like to know if there is a differences in size between the 2007 and 2008 steering wheel. I know that the 2008-2008 has a different center that is used in the CTS and maybe other later model Cadillacs. But I thought the 2008-2009 steering wheels is much thicker around and the circumference is...
  2. STS-V Series Forum - 2006-2009
    Hello all, I have been looking for two weeks now for information on the throttle body for the LC3. I have come up with ONE photograph of it attached to the supercharger and not much else. I was hoping you gentleman could provide me with some information. GM Part number What other...
  3. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    LS1Mike lives within spitting distance of some friends on the Kitsap Peninsula across Puget Sound from Seattle. I make a trip to see them every year and attend the Bremerton Elks Car show.I met Mike at the show last year, and he told me if I came back this year, I could take his 2000 Trans Am...
  4. STS-V Series Forum - 2006-2009
    I was looking on their site and they have a few coming soon slots on their site. D3 if you can tell us about your new products.:bouncy:
  5. 2009-2015 CTS-V General Discussion
    Absolutely mind-blowing style in person. Took a few pictures of the one on the lot:
  6. XLR-V Series Forum - 2005-2009
    Hello, Just thought we would update everyone on the components available for the Cadillac XLR-V application: Headers are in stock and ready to ship!! Thank you, Dr. Design D3 Cadillac
  7. 2009-2015 CTS-V General Discussion
    Is it possible to make an STS or regular CTS as fast or almost as fast as the stock CTS-V's, specifically the STS? I am talking about regular mod's, not major overhauls and excluding juice. I saw a Cadillac running and it looked like an '05-'07 STS build. It did not have the wire mesh "V"...
  8. 2009-2015 CTS-V General Discussion
    Autoblog did a nice review on the V-coupe, lots of great shots too! My apologies if this is a repost
  9. 2009-2015 CTS-V General Discussion
    I (and a few others) were interested in setting up a meet/road course/drag strip gathering of V2 owners. We were looking for some ideas as far as a location that would appeal to the most people. The thoughts bounced around were that the facility would have both a road course and a 1/4 mile...
  10. STS-V Series Forum - 2006-2009
    I was just checking to see if anyone had changed their thermostat in their V. I was wondering how hard this was going to be to do.:confused: UPDATE* After looking at it. Shouldn't be too bad. I will have to remove the Air Intake and then 2 bolts and I am home free.
  11. XLR-V Series Forum - 2005-2009
    I have been trying to hold off with this till the Chicago V meet in August, but I just can't resist anymore. I pulled into a gas station on my way to Chicago last weekend and pulled way up past the pumps cause I saw an STS-V just on the other side of the same pumps. As I get out, I notice the...
  12. 2009-2015 CTS-V General Discussion
    I just bought a 2009 CTS-V with the standard seats. I HATE them!!! Can i buy the optional recarro seats anywhere??? I went to the dealer but the guy behind the parts counter, well, was NOT helpful. HELP!!!???!!!
  13. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    I just bought a 2010 SRX but here in central Mass they have closed all the Cadillac dealerships. I ended up buying it in Boston but thats 2hrs away and not something I want to do regularly. When I registered with On Star the gal couldn't believe there was no Cadillac dealer within this area so...
  14. 2008-2013 CTS Appearance Mods
    Got a set of V wheels off ebay for my CTS. I really like the design of this wheel other then the frt wheels are actually cut deeper then the rears. It should be the other way around. I understand why they did it cause of the bigger V brakes but come on make the rear deeper then the front. Its a...
  15. 2004-2007 CTS-V Appearance Mods
    I just purchased 4 C5 hubs with all brand new studs (hubs have 1.5K to 4K of mileage on them) for $220 shipped which is pretty decent. Next I need to get rotors that will fit these hubs and my caliper. I think I need either Camaro SS rotors or C5 Z06 rotors. Is this correct? I don't want...
  16. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 1999-2006
    i will be doing this years goldrush rally ( again this year, heres some pics of my car being wrapped, i also got some 24" GFG's ill be putting on this weekend, ill post more pics soon.
  17. STS-V Series Forum - 2006-2009
    The wife was toying with getting a XLR-V so I started l to look around. 07's are just under $60,k. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That's twice what a 07 STS-V is worth. Same exact drive train and interior. Something is wrong here, a new CTS-V Coupe starts at $62,000. Sorry XLR-V guys your used 07 is...
  18. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    When thinking about buying a new or used car we usually have a price in mind when we go looking, how would you be willing or able to spend on a new car at this time?
  19. 2009-2015 CTS-V General Discussion
    Has anyone seen a cts-v with a turbo? I see on Hennessey's website that a "v800" kit is listed but I feel like it doesn't actually exist. There are no dynos posted or pictures of the kit. I don't have a cts-v currently but I would like to own a coupe in a couple of years time. I had an idea in...
  20. XLR Forum - 2004-2009
    as i understand it, the XLR is based on the C6 Corvette (they share a platform). if this is the case im assuming they share MANY similarities. where do these similarities end? the main thing im curious about: are the suspensions the same? if so can the same suspension upgrades be used? can...
1-20 of 500 Results