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wireless charging
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  1. SRX 2nd Generation Forum - 2010-2016
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has install wireless charging in their SRX. Can you share photos? Any good location? Any specific product?
  2. XT5 First Generation Forum - 2017+
    Anyone having issues with the wireless charging? I purchased the charger recommended on Cadillac website. However, I drove yesterday for about 2 hrs and my iPhone did not charge at all. When I left my house my phone had a charge of 45%. When I got out the charge was 38%. The charging symbol on...
  3. 2014-2019 CTS General Discussion
    I have searched here and did not uncover much regarding the gm upgrade. I keep seeing the oem kit out there, but I need both the kit and the rubber mat so my phone will fit. 404 has an option but 189 sounds rich for a phone charger and mat. Has anyone here installed the kit from 404 or have...
  4. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    Hey all, does anyone else who has a 2016-2018 Cadillac CT6 have problems with their wireless charging pad? I usually just use the USB ports but when I decided to try out the wireless charging feature it didn’t work and still doesn’t. I made sure my phone case was off and placed my phone in every...
  5. XT5 First Generation Forum - 2017+
    Hello all, I am buying a 2019 XT5 platinum. I know it has Apple CarPlay and wireless charging---but I cannot use those together, right? Is it true I have to have the phone plugged in to use Apple Car Play? And if so, where is the USB port for pugging in to use ACP and where will phone sit...
  6. XT5 First Generation Forum - 2017+
    As of recently I had to upgrade my iPhone 6s sadly and upgraded it to the iPhone 11 Pro. I set the phone in the slot like always and wouldn’t you know the green lightning bolt came up and the phone was charging on the dash. I always thought there needed to be a hardware update to the car to make...
1-6 of 6 Results