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  1. RWD DeVille/Fleetwood, Brougham 19xx-1996
    So I'm replacing the plastic window rollers. Fixed one side but the rear passenger window, all four broken! Problem is the window motor seems shot; I can't lower the arms to fix the plastic tabs. There is No clicking from either main door switch or locally. Was working not long ago, I may...
  2. FWD DeVille 1985-2005, Fleetwood, and 60 Special
    I have recently purchased a 2004 Cadillac Deville and I had to replace both driver side doors (Front left and rear left) along with a used front left door panel. Tried to roll up the rear left window and all i hear is a clicking sound on the black module. So i replaced the window regulator with...
1-2 of 2 Results