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  1. Southwest
    Hi everyone. I used to be a member of the LX club in Arizona and took my Magnum to the Pavillions on Saturdays with others from the club, and I was wondering if there was a similar scene for V's because I own a CT5-V Blackwing now. I would much rather meet up with the local group if there is...
  2. CT6-V Series Forum - 2019-2020
    Presented for your enjoyment. On behalf of the V Club at Rolex 24!
  3. Cadillac Motorsports forum
    With the exciting reveal and release of the new Blackwing models at last years Rolex 24 event, what amazing revelations will be made this year? Come and enjoy the race with V specialists and enthusiasts for Daytona International Speedway's 60th Anniversary race! (NOTE: YOU MUST BE AN ACTIVE V...
1-3 of 3 Results