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valve cover gasket
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  1. STS Forum - 2005-2012
    My wife has a 2005 STS with the Northstar V8. The car started losing a lot of oil, I had a good diagnostic mechanic check it out. Here's what I have: Both valve cover gaskets are leaking small leak at the oil filter adapter PCV valve hose needs to be replaced variable valve timer solenoid needs...
  2. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    Initially it started to idol rough. Checked the error code and was a spark plug miss fire at 3. Decided it would be best to replace both coil packs and all six spark plugs. When I pulled up the coil pack the spark plugs were full of oil on both sides. So I figured valve cover gasket. Replaced...
1-2 of 2 Results