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  1. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 1999-2006
    Picked up an ‘03 6.0 Escalade to tow our camper last year (max weight I tow is about 5,600lbs, usually closer to 5,400), and it does a great job. That said - it’s got about 145K on it and I love the vehicle (also going through and bringing the interior back to life bit by bit), so I want to...
  2. FWD DeVille 1985-2005, Fleetwood, and 60 Special
    Hello, I am trying to replace the radiator om my 04 DHS Deville. The two radiators I picked up seem to be a mismatch but only with the fittings on the transmission cooler. What should I do?
  3. Seville and Eldorado Forum
    I have a 1988 Seville with the 4.5. My car has about 45K miles on it. Recently I discovered that I had a leak from the Transmission/oil cooler. My regular mechanic ordered an aftermarket replacement that was supposed to be "Plug and Play". It was not. Fortunately he was able to send my original...
1-3 of 3 Results