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  1. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    Hello folks, thank you for welcoming me into the forum as I need some help. I have a 2007 Escalade (not EXT and don't do towing) and had the unfortunate issue of the transmission not engaging properly, followed quickly by grinding noises. My (other) issue is that I'm in Dubai and is very hard to...
  2. SRX 2nd Generation Forum - 2010-2016
    I could really use some help, about a week ago we got into trying to find our downshift solenoid on my 2010 srx and we got into the TCM underneath of the car, we disconnected everything prior to doing this like the battery and drained the transmission fluid. Finally today we decided since we...
  3. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    Was driving to work the other day and was making a normal right hand turn and the car lost power for a second, didn’t want to accelerate, then worked fine. Had a service traction Control message pop up along with the check engine. Parked at work and turned off the car. when I restarted the car...
1-3 of 3 Results