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  1. 8DD2AED7-5988-4C25-8988-698F57D086B5.jpeg

    Nice ass With th new 295 nitto invo rear shot, much wider looking than the 265s. No prob with fitment or rub, th patch difference is noticeable on launch! Plus, fills the dead space awesomely.
  2. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    I recently picked up a 2003 base model CTS from a friend for $500. He blew the motor up back in 2011. It has been garage kept for the last ten years and he finally decided to get rid of it. I plan on throwing a turbo Vortec motor in but first I need some supporting mods like subframes...
  3. 2008-2013 CTS Performance Mods
    Hello, I have recently been thinking about swapping the 3.6l LY7 for a 5.3l Silverado motor out of a junkyard. I would definitely be going through the engine are refreshing the bearings, checking tolerances etc. I would also like to add a cam to the motor and possibly some pistons and such to...
  4. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    So I recently grabbed an 04 Cts and am now wondering how hard it would be to swap engines with an 08 cts (same 3.6l) from what i can tell maybe and engine and tranny swap and id be done really any thoughts? Mostly doing this for the overkill supercharger unless anyone knows of a supercharger for...
1-4 of 4 Results