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suspension creaking

  1. Suspension noise

    Cadillac SRX Second Generation Forum 2010-2016
    Hey all, New guy here. Just bought a 2011 3.0 with 74k on it. This is my first caddy so i'm pretty happy overall. There are some minor issues I would like to work out if possible. The first one is a squeeking noise in my front end suspension. It only happens when there is major movement like...
  2. Suspension creak

    Cadillac XTS Forum 2013-2019
    Hello so my 2014 XTS Luxury creaks so loudly whenever I go over a bump or driveway, its embarrassing. Ive looked into just getting new struts and I would be charged over $1600. And it creaks mainly in the front, the back rarely ever creaks. Does anyone know what this is or how I can get this...
  3. Xts creaking in front over speed bumps

    Cadillac Customer Care Representatives - Warranty
    My 2014 XTS has started creaking loudly in the front when go over bumps and when I go up driveways. I've been trying to find ways to make it stop because its embarrassing. I saw videos describing how you can spray this fluid on ball joints to silence them and stop it. Do you guys know if this...