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  1. Loc disconnected

    Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including:1985-1992
    Blew the rear sub on this 2002 Cadillac deville I have so I put in an LOC and amp n subs. Well everytime I start the car I have to go back and unplug/plug back in the factory connector. Well I read on here that you need a resistor to keep it from doing this crap. Well I put the sub in the...
  2. U can hear me before u see me

    U can hear me before u see me

    Cuz I got king kong in my trunk!!!
  3. 9.5  On The Richter....

    9.5 On The Richter....

    4 12's, 10,000 watts, ... can u hear me now?