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  1. Northstar Engines and System Technical Discussion
    where are the drain plugs on 03 deville? will plug drain all coolant out, where should i add tablets, where do i refill with coolant seeing there is no cap on the radiator, should i refill in surge tank? please let me know asap thanks!
  2. HT4100 4.1, 4.5, 4.9
    Have 1989 Sedan Deville with 4.5 litre. 69k miles on the engine. Vehicle is in excellent shape. Have developed a hesitation problem when I press the accelerator to drive. Kind of like a chug, chug, chug and then it run fine when I get up to speed. Only happens when I accelerate from a stop...
  3. Catera and Cimarron
    Ok, my manual says its time to check my rear axle fluide. Since i will be down there, I was thinking about draining and replacing it. Has any one done it? Any pointer or recipe rather would be highly appreciated.
  4. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    Hello all. Been lurking here awhile and thought I would express my appreciation to all of you for the great wealth of information I have found here. Shortly before her death in October, my 90 year old mother gave me her 1993 Cadillac Deville Touring sedan. Knowing nothing about Cadillacs but...
  5. FWD DeVille 1985-2005, Fleetwood, and 60 Special
    ok ever since i bought the car last year i've noticed that when the car goes into 2nd gear the car sometimes(mostly when engine is cold)will kind of vibrate when i give it throttle about 2500 rpms(1/2 throttle) and sometimes when i give it alittle more throttle when this is occuring the car goes...
  6. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    Hey everybody...whats up? I am a college student from Detroit MI (Home of the Cadillac!) and i recently purchased a 2000 DTS back in December. Silver with gray interior, 10,000 miles at the time (20,000 now), fully loaded with every factory option. And i LOVE this car. I used to drive a towncar...
  7. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    Does anyone have any pics of this kit, I can barely see it on the black caddy they have it on at the vouge web site. Also there's no pic of the front lip?
  8. Allanté Forum - 1987-1993
    the one and only caddy of modern times worth the time of ownership .. maybe, BIG maybe, the XLR may continue the trend started in 1987. but for now, this is it .. the Allanté from the makers of Ferrari, PininFarina Coachworks .. no jelly *******, no old-man seats, no riding-a-boat...
  9. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    hi all got my first caddy. 94 eldorado coupe picked up car in fl. and drove almost 1400 miles tolal 20 hours on the road had oil change when i picked up the car was told had a bad oil leak i was using 10/30 oil use 1qt of oil at over night stop big spot under car in morning used very little...
  10. SRX 1st Generation Forum - 2004-2009
    Check it out - it sounds like they loved it although it's only a half page long and obviously very preliminary.
1-10 of 10 Results