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  1. XTS Forum- 2013-2019 Including XTS V-Sport
    I have a 2016 XTS that for the most part works great. I have a problem with starting where the engine will not turn over when I try to start the car. I took it to the dealer who diagnosed it as a battery problem. They put in a new battery and I had no problems for 2-3 weeks. The problem started...
  2. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    So I have a 07 cts 2.8 for the past couple days it’s been struggling to turn over as if the battery was low, but it would start. Last night went to start it the car struggled but fired up, filled up with gas, tried to start it. It struggled for like 2 seconds then stopped. & that’s all it did...
1-2 of 2 Results