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  1. Seville and Eldorado Forum
    Just picked up a Seville SLS from auction for $300. It goes into gear fine, reverse, drive, all that. But it's stuck in only one gear when in Drive, possibly 2nd. Am I right to assume this is the solenoids and if not is there something else to investigate? There is another odd thing I noticed...
  2. Classic Cadillac Forum
    So I just rebuilt this transmission myself out of my 1970 cadillac deville and off the line from a stop it shifts perfectly. But when i come to a stop and right away try to take off again, it shifts vs soft with very low shift points. But if i come to a stop for about 20 seconds then take off...
  3. 2004-2007 CTS-V General Discussion
    Going to possibly buy a 05 CTS-V that has a lot of performance mods. The only issue with the vehicle is that the owner says he can’t get it into 4th gear. He said he was told it was probably the shift bushings. How true is this? How much is it going to cost me if I buy the car?
  4. Seville and Eldorado Forum
    So I'm considering buying the aformentioned car from a friend of mine for $900. In the condition it's in, it's a great deal. The car has very little exterior scratches, and the interior is also in excellent condition. I'd go ahead and buy it for sure if there wasn't an issue with it driving...
1-4 of 4 Results