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  1. ATS General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, I own a 2013 ATS 3.6L RWD Premium w/ Extended warranty, 58,000 miles I'm the 2nd owner. Any how I had warranty work that replaced the CUE system. Are there SW or Firmware updates and does one have to have Onstar or Sirrius or other to perform the updates? Next, I was thinking the...
  2. RWD DeVille/Fleetwood, Brougham 19xx-1996
    Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m Ben and I’m working on a vehicle 1-2 my senior haha. My brother has a 1990 Cadillac brougham 5.0L rwd four door with soft top (silver on silver, gunmetal accents, spoke rims). Our good friend bought this for his Hispanic wife who never was...
  3. Fleetwood Parts For Sale or Wanted
    Im in search of these lights for 80-92 Caddy. By any chance anyone has these and are willing to sell them?
  4. ATS General Discussion Forum
    I'm currently driving a Mazda 3 and while it's great I could use something with a bit more power and wheelbase. I am also heavily considering other compact luxury sedan with sporting pretentions like the Alfa Romeo Giulia (2.0T) and BMW 340i. I have been in all of them and they all pass what I...
  5. RWD DeVille/Fleetwood, Brougham 19xx-1996
    Hello, Newbie here, I did search the page before posting but seemed to strike out. Or just didn't look in the right spot so I apologize if discussed before. I have an LS swapped 88 brougham Miller Meteor hearse. Engine is out of an 02 Vette. 4L60E, stock nothing crazy. But just ordered a cam...
  6. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    Hey everyone! My 2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe RWD has been having major power steering issues lately. The fan that prevents the vehicle from overheating went out along with the overheating fan at the same time. I had the fan replaced. Now the vehicle is no longer overheating but the "Service Power...
  7. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    Asking the community to compare their engine with mine and let me know if there should be a bolt here (behind water pump, top left).
  8. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    i have a 2004 caddilac cts with the 3.6L engine, i picked it up for a good price down south in texas and drove it up to mid wisconsin during the winter and it sat in my driveway for one night and the next day when i went to drive it, it overheated for a little while then the temp leveled to...
  9. XT5 First Generation Forum - 2017+
    The 2020 Ford Lincoln Aviator is an Explorer based rear wheel drive SUV with a longitudinal 400 hp V-6 and has a 6,700 lb tow rating. Good-by Cadillac! And the Autostop eliminator for this Ford is $100, without unwanted complications!
  10. CTS, CTS VSport, CTS-V Cars for Sale or Wanted
    This is one of the 64 coupes produced with a manual transmission ever (unless you bought a V). I'm sure many of you are familiar with this limited run, but I thought I knew everything about these cars and didn't know there was such a thing before I bought it. It is an absolute blast to drive and...
  11. 2011CTS.jpg

    2011 CTS "Performance" Sedan
1-11 of 11 Results