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  1. Lyriq Forum
    Hey gang, I wanted to make sure my install was completed before I posted this. Negotiate w/QMerit. My initial auto generated request was $2.199.00 and was going to require $699 out of pocket. I had previously gotten a quote for my wife’s Mach-e for less then that and refused to pay anything...
  2. Lyriq Forum
    For any Lyriq owners or those who have the credits applied. My dealer is researching what he needs to do to get me synced up with the QMerit process, so my charger can be installed while I am waiting. Do any of you know what your dealer had to do?
  3. Lyriq Forum
    I had posted something on EVgo’s Twitter about a lack of chargers in my area. They asked me to DM them with more information, which I did. They responded today with the screenshot I’ve added as well as a link. EVgo has Partner roaming credits with ChargePoint Would this change wether you...
1-3 of 3 Results