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  1. Why is Turbo boost favored over Supercharging

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    Why are turbos favored over superchargers by car manufacturers? Having owned both turbo assisted cars and those with superchargers I much preferred the supercharged cars for their instant power verses the turbo's lag in power coming on.
  2. Does anyone change their own oil?

    Cadillac STS-V Series Forum
    I've done every oil change on every car (and bike) I've ever owned. I'd like to keep it up on my STS-V. Anyone got any tips for the traditionalist?
  3. Battery life with engine off

    Cadillac Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    How long do you think you can run the radio (no amp) with the engine off before the battery (stock) is too low to start back up? Think an hour would be pushin it?
  4. Please help!

    Cadillac CTS First Generation Forum - 2003 - 2007
    I'm looking @ a car right now, anyone have the unlimited carfax and wanna help me? please PM me thanks!
  5. 94 Fleetwood stripped battery bolt (side post)

    RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood,1985-1996 Flee
    Hello. I’m having a problem with the negative battery bolt on a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood. The bolt is stripped and won’t screw into the battery negative terminal (side terminal battery). I want to replace it with a new bolt but I can’t remove the old bolt from the cable. It seems to be held...
  6. Oh for the love of god..rear door won't open.

    RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood,1985-1996 Flee
    So I finally put my 1991 Brougham D'Elegance on the road. I had new rear shocks, front shocks, back brakes, front flex hoses, and a centre link installed on Friday, and the car drives beautifully. On Friday just before taking the car to my mechanic, I tried to open the rear driver door...
  7. Motor Trend's 60th Anniversary

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    This is from the current issue. I thought everyone might like a couple of the selections they made... SIX DECADES OF THE RIDES EVERYONE WANTED They weren't always the fastest or the most expensive, The sexiest or best designed of engineered. The most radical, iconic, famous, desired, or most...
  8. 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    Alright let's get this started! Last year a group of us met up just south of 16 & Woodward (Birmingham). The same private parking lot is available. You can also sit out in front on Woodward and watch the event. This is one option of many. Jump in here and let's get this organized!! From...
  9. GM Major Guard

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    My 05 v warranty is set to expire and i would like to know what you guys think about purchasing the extended gm major guard warranty with the $50 deductible. Also where is the best and cheapest place to purchase this warranty. I got a quote from the gm website for about 1600 and the local...
  10. 1996 Eldorado Wanting factory CD unit (dash only??)

    Cadillac Audio, Video and Security Systems
    I recenly acquired a 96 Eldorado "Doral" from my sister. Car had sat for a number of years. Running well now but the audio system only has the original factory radio with Cassette player. I THINK the unit is non-Bose (how can I verify?) and I would like to install a factory unit with single...
  11. Big repair issues 4 days in

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    Just purchased an 05 v on Friday....monday on my way to Kansas city from St Lois the a/c staerted blowing hot. Stopped at a dealer off i70 to find that the system had leak die in it and the evaporater is shot....3500 repair bill covererd under the extended warranty I purchases thank god. I think...
  12. This is unreal.

    Cadillac STS Forum 2005 through 2012
    First the timing chain goes on the sts @ 53000 miles...I'm dealing with cadillac customer relations on that issue. Then I had to call em back why? The dealership calls me today and tells me someone stole my. Twenty inch rims! Right off the car at the dealership! They assume no responsibility I'm...
  13. Couple Questions about 2005 and 2006 CTS-V's

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    First off I just want to let it be known that I have zero, zilch, no experience with the LS6 and LS2 engines. I have tried to research them, but I end up getting more confused. All I can basically tell is that they both have about the same HP/TQ output. I also have tried to search for the...