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  1. *** 10.8 @ 125 mph *** no NOS

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    went to Atco Raceway last night to run the beast here is the slip... i didnt get a chance to use the spray because they kicked me off the track for not having a cage i think if i had time to cool it down and keep the car from shifting into 5th at the 1100 ft mark it would have done a little...
  2. Best NOS: Which kit and why

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods
    I'm intersted in putting the V on the bottle. I was just wondering what people thought was the best, most efficient, and safest complete kit out ther for an LS6. Looking for around 100 shot, nothing too crazy. My motor is pretty much stock, with the exception of CAI and a tune. Any input would...
  3. 2005 SRX Key Fob Part Nos?

    Cadillac SRX First Generation Forum 2004-2009
    Will someone with OEM #1 and #2 Key Fobs please post the part numbers from the backs? I have a #1 only, but I don't think it's the original because it does not have a "hatch" only button...does this make sense? I know that I'll have to take it to a dealer to get programmed, but I'd like to not...
  4. Anyone using NOS in their STS V

    Cadillac STS-V Series Forum
    Has anyone done any experimenting with NOS on their STS V? If so I'd like to hear about the hows and what happened.
  5. Epic fail!

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    So this biker guy put NOS in his tank... the energy drink NOS. Have a fun time laughing... Thanks to CTS (V) for the link :thumbsup:
  6. NOS gear set for 77-81

    RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood,1985-1996 Flee
    Just found this on ebay, thought someone would want to grab it. NOS 2.28 gears for the 77-81 Cadilac axle. Dirt cheap, too! CLICK here
  7. spark plugs and NOS

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    I just put a bottle in my V, I have a friend that uses 2° cooler spark plugs in his LS1 with NOS. Should I do the same to be safe?
  8. Need an NOS Alternator Bracket For a '73 CDV

    RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood,1985-1996 Flee
    A few things I'm looking for on this '73...I need an NOS Alternator bracket(or a decent used one if anyone can spare one),turnsignal chrome housing for the passenger side,front wheel well chrome moldings,and the chrome molding for the driver's side fender skirt...I'm located in Southern...
  9. Stock Geo Metro takes 6 pulls on 100 shot of NOS, then explodes.

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    Was browsing Youtube and found this awesome video. This thing actually takes 2 pulls on a 50 shot of NOS, then 6 more pulls on a 100 shot before blowing up. +1 for GEO. Enjoy!
  10. ZEX NOS Kits

    Cadillac CTS First Generation Forum - 2003 - 2007
    Would anyone have any experince on either the wet or dry kits, thanks
  11. Need NOS L/R, R/R suspension sensor FOR '94 Eldo: P/Ns 22153083, 22153084

    Cadillac Seville / Cadillac Eldorado Forum
  12. '92-'94 Eldo - NOS, OEM L/R Suspension Sensor - P/N 22134863

    Cadillac Seville / Cadillac Eldorado Forum
    1994 Eldorado L/R Suspension Height Sensor Failing. Need 2 Nos Oem Sensors (both P/N 22134863) (fit 1992-1994)
  13. Tune,NOS,Rear End

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    Well, just thought I would stop back by and say hi. I am please to announce that we are now doing tuning on Saturdays. This is with a Mustang Dyno. Also that we are 3 weeks away from selling our Diff upgrade and axles. We have passed our first test on the set of axles. 756 lbs of torque, this is...
  14. Nos

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods
    Did anyone install nitrous on their V? I would like some feedback...I am about to purchase a NOS system from a friend and want a heads up..Thanks!:D
  15. Any NOS experts in here??

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    Ok well, I was thinking about the use of NOS. I know that a dry shot is safer than a wet shot. I also hear that a wet shot will give you the maximum performance out of it, compared to the dry, where you dont get the full power out of the this true???:confused: I am just looking at...
  16. Floor Mats :NOS or Reproduction

    Cadillac Detailing and Bodywork - Interior and Ext
    Where could I find some that will match my interior of my 1981 coupe deville? And dont say JC Whitney... does anybody know where I could find NOS or repro ones that are exactly cut and finished as original? This will be/is a show car
  17. NOS for our 3.2L ctS?

    Cadillac CTS First Generation Forum - 2003 - 2007
    Im thinking about just the 50 shot so not too hard on my engine. How much engine life would i drain and would NOS work my our ECU. How does it work neway. Thanks guys|CADILLAC|CTS|2003||V6|3.2|197|MFI|Forced%20Induction
  18. Why Did You Choose the XLR-V?

    Cadillac XLR-V Series Forum
    Among my reasons: (1) It's just altogether superbly conceived and built. Cadillac did a great job of refining the Evoc into the marketed XLR, and the -V added a nice mix of extra sizzle for those of us who never grew up past our teenage musclecar fantasies in the '60s. (2) It's beautiful. I...
  19. Anyone Have NOS in their Escalade?

    Cadillac Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 1999 - 2006
    I was thinking of adding a Nitrous system... I mean I dont do that much racing around in the truck but thought it might be a cool little add on.. I sometimes hit up the shows down in Englishtown raceway during the summer and thought it would be a nice little surprise.. Just wondering if any1 has...
  20. 1350HP VW Beetle!!!

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    Jet-powered beeeiatches:eek: Cop is like wtf???