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  1. Lyriq Forum
    I love where self-driving is going and hearing all the latest in this space. Who knows where things will be when our kids and their kids are driving?
  2. Lockhart Cadillac
    Had the opportunity to drive the LYRIQ (Debut Edition) Wow. Highly impressed. The wait is going to be worth it. Below are a few photos from the event in San Francisco last week.
  3. Lyriq Forum
    I may have a problem….The local Hyundai dealer told me they’ve ordered 2023 ionic 5 Limiteds and expect it within 60-90 days. Assuming it arrives and I’ve heard nothing on my 2023 RWD, 22’ wheel, Satin Steel Metalic Lyriq. This would be the first week of October. Concerns: Interest rates as I...
  4. Lockhart Cadillac
    Vehicle matte art on Studio background for the 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ Luxury SUV RWD
  5. Lyriq Forum
    This is one heck of an EV! 🔋
  6. Lyriq Forum
    I had posted something on EVgo’s Twitter about a lack of chargers in my area. They asked me to DM them with more information, which I did. They responded today with the screenshot I’ve added as well as a link. EVgo has Partner roaming credits with ChargePoint Would this change wether you...
  7. Lockhart Cadillac
    Finding this out through the media 😐 We have zero information about 2024 model year.
  8. Lyriq Forum
    I’ve had tons of new cars, but I’ve never had a new model year car during a pandemic that needed fixing. There is always that horror story person who gets in to a fender bender on the way home in their new car. If GM can’t produce new cars, what’s the rules on creating parts… Does anyone...
  9. Lockhart Cadillac
    Debut Editions start being delivered shortly (This will be a slow rollout) Production for the Debut Edition stops in September and RWD production begins. Expected OTA Updates for Debut Editions Oct / Surround Vision & Dec / Super Cruise
  10. Lyriq Forum
    Have any of you ever used an aftermarket HUD? Since GM canceled the dual plane HUD for the 2023 Lyriq I am wondering what my options are. I think they should have put in at least a basic HUD vs none at all. However I do not see that happening. What are you guys thinking of doing? The...
  11. Lyriq Forum
    Has anyone else had the following thoughts? 1. Qualcomm has several presentations talking about their partnership with GM starting with their Investor day post at the end of 2021 2. Qualcomm created the ‘Digital Chassis’ as part of their ‘SnapDragon’ car architecture. It specializes on a lot...
  12. Lockhart Cadillac
    The demand for the LYRIQ during the order process and in particular to Lockhart Cadillac has been extremely strong due to the fact that we are not charging a premium over MSRP. We believe that our Cadillac customers should not be taken advantage of while we have a shortage in supply, coupled...
  13. Lyriq Forum
    Would there be any difference between ordering online and going through the dealer directly? The dealer I plan on ordering from reached out today for them to prepare my Lyriq order and submit on their end. They are asking for a refundable $1,000 deposit and said they do not plan on adding a...
  14. Lockhart Cadillac
    Allocation - Overall Volume #'s not released. Based on XT Sales + EV Registrations / Local Area Debut Edition Delivery Starts Summer 2022. If I were not install a home charger as of yet. Good things coming. (All We Can Say For Now) *Handraisers / Hot Leads for need...
  15. Lockhart Cadillac
    See Attached PDF Colors Exterior: Crystal White Satin Steel Metallic Stellar Black Metallic Opulent Blue Metallic Colors Interior: Noir Inteluxe Sky Cool Gray Standard Items of Note: XM Radio Super Cruise AKG-19 Speaker Infotainment W/Nav Dual Climate Fixed Glass Roof w/Power Shade...
  16. Lyriq Forum
    Let's enjoy the 424 pages :)
  17. Lockhart Cadillac
    Production starts late March. Delivery of Debut Editions June-November of 2022. Additional dealer allocation is planned for 2023 Model Year starting in June of 2022. Additional allocation will be extremely low volume.
  18. Lockhart Cadillac
    Per Cadillac "Customer may move their reservation to another dealership or cancel for a full refund at any time for any reason" We are now accepting transfers at this time. We offer the LYRIQ @ MSRP. Please email me directly if you need assistance. [email protected]
  19. Lockhart Cadillac
    We did see recently a small mention from Cadillac.....Orders for the 2023 LYRIQ Performance All-Wheel Drive Model will open at dealerships in late 2022, with availability starting early 2023. We have been told nothing else. Could this be the V version we have been dreaming of? Stay tuned. :)
1-20 of 22 Results