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  1. 2006 Cadillac DTS Performance

    I've rebuilt the suspension with oem magnetic ride, Had the engine removed resealed, new water pump, thermostat, all mounts replaced, New Iridium plugs, Power steering hoses replaced, New rotors and pads. I swapped the complete interior of the 2010 Platinum pictured above (then sold it to my...
  2. 2019 CT6 Rear view mirror camera

    Has anyone had an issue with their camera mirror glitching. Mine has been serviced twice with flashing as the fix performed. Hasn’t worked though. Turns into blue screen and then to black screen. When it turns to blue it will eventually go back to normal camera view. When it switches from normal...
  3. My First Cadillac!

    Added an aftermarket sunroof. Great highway car. Hardly put any long-distance mileage on it when traded for a CTS-V. MSRP was $48k; sold for $26k. Terrible depreciation!!!
  4. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    MORE LIKE 'POOR'SCHE Seriously though, I'm thinking about it. I've looked at all the warnings, all the quirks, all the hazardously expensive repairs. It seems like most of what goes wrong happens during the warranty period, so by now (8-12 years, 60-100k) all of it has been ironed out or...
  5. 2004-2007 CTS-V General Discussion
    site will not recognize the mobile browser. the scrolling is brutal. anyone else having issues? maybe its time to get one of those fancy touch-screen phones. for sale: old phone with fubared web capability. $2 free set of ground control springs with purchase!
  6. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    I like the express power windows, but every now and then I want to stop them mid-way. With the window already open, no problem stopping them on their way up ... just pull up momentarily on the switch to make them stop. BUT ... this doesn't work if you have them closed and want to stop them...
  7. STS Forum - 2005-2012
    I am new to posting and came across this problem so I am asking for some "HELP!" I got a very good deal on a 2006 STS 4. I recently took it on the road to FL from NY and started getting this clackitty noise form underneath the car around the center. Mostly form the front of the car, but...
  8. DTS Forum - 2006-2011
    I have always loved Cadillacs. The first time I rode in one back as a child and I felt the plush leather seats and the smooth powerful drive, I was hooked! The only other car that came close was the Towncar. I was reading that they have stopped making the DTS and their new flagship car is a V6...
  9. Catera and Cimarron
    Hi, I'm Robb from the mid-Michigan area and I'm thinking about buying my brothers 99' Catera. It has some issues. The one that annoys me the most is the speedometer is off. The only time it's right is around 55mph. If I want to go 30mph the speedo reads 40mph. When above 55mph the speedo is off...
  10. Seville and Eldorado Forum
    None of these problems were present before I had my transmission "serviced" about 500 miles ago. My SLS has 111000 miles, and it's recommended to change the fluid at 100K, so I figured it would be OK. So I took it to the dealer, and specifically told them not to flush the trans, only drop the...
  11. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    When I was shopping for my 08 CTS I have to admit that one of the other cars I was considering was an E Series MBenz. I am so glad I didn't get one. Here is an interesting page about the "joys" of Mercedes ownership. Mercedes Benz Lemon Problem Vehicles Pick a the "Experience...
  12. STS Forum - 2005-2012
    I recently purchased a black/black 2005 STS4 V8 1SG. I also work for the automotive group where I bought the vehicle. The vehicle was VERY well taken care of by a rather wealthy elderly couple who traded it on a new Lexus LS460. Every service that was every recommended was done and documented...
  13. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    couldnt get the car to start and when i finally did no lights will come on in the dash and the DIC says its like -40 outside and wont tell me how many miles i can go and stuff like that. could this be a fuse for the dash lights? i dont get this at all
  14. 2004-2007 CTS-V Performance Mods
    OK. Engine is back in the car. Started to bleed the clutch on Sat and I got a really nice puddle under the car. This was on a stock slave, and a LAPD remote bleeder. I never got any pressure at all in the peddle. So I left it for the day and drowned my sorrows knowing that I was going to...
  15. Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    I'm thinking about buying one of these for the wife. We went to the dealership and test drove it. Fully loaded with all the bells and whistles in comes out at $23,900. Not very fast but great mpg and great handling. I like the styling too. What do we think of it?
  16. RWD DeVille/Fleetwood, Brougham 19xx-1996
    Hey guys, I have been noticing some bouncyness and the last couple days I thought my front looked lower than my back, wich I thought was because I needed new front shocks, whcih i do... But I also noticed the back of the car is raised higher than normal and there was water coming out a of a...
  17. 2009-2015 CTS-V General Discussion
    Can someone throw some numbers my way on what a low mileage < 5k mi 09 V loaded (w recaros, roof, wheel) would be worth? There are a few non-recaro dealer cars on the "bay" for 59k obo. What does CF say? Thanks in advance!
1-18 of 500 Results