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  1. Escalade and ESV Forum - 2021+
    Anyone know how to keep a 2021 escalade at the entry/exit height while driving?? I have lowered it using the lowering links to a good height but it automatically raises after I take off.
  2. Escalade and ESV Forum - 2015-2020
    Hi everyone - new Escalade owner (2019) and looking for a good reputable shop in the Toronto area for some mods (lowering, exhaust, intake, etc). Your recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
  3. ATS Performance Mods Forum
    My michelins have exhausted their normal useful life and I wasn't a fan of the all season pilot super Sports I bought to replace the oe run flats. On top of this I wasn't a fan of the factory "stretched" look and combine that with fact that I now have a dedicated snow tires/wheels.... I was...
  4. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    I recently lowered my 07 with Belltech 2" drop spindles and 3" rear springs w/air lift helper bags. Since doing so, the amber traction control light flashes when I'm turning at approx 70% going 5-10mph. It happens turning both directions. I've hopped out and checked that the hub cables aren't...
  5. STS Forum - 2005-2012
    I have a 2005 STS with FE1 (Self-Levelling) shocks and got myself H&R Lowering Springs for the 2nd gen CTS. I read about raising the top mount of the shocks and cutting/trimming the rubber spacer on top of the shock. What do you guys think? Thank you.
  6. CTS First Generation Forum - 2003-2007
    I have figured out a way to lower the Nivomat shocks thanks to some ideas from wildwhl. In order to effectively lower the shock, you need to lower the mounting point of the upper shock mount. To do this, remove the upper shock retaining bolt and remove the upper shock mount. The upper shock...
1-6 of 6 Results