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  1. Lockhart Cadillac
    Since I am in Daytona......this is from my team. Starting at the beginning of February, dealerships will be able start reaching out to their customers in regards to ordering the 2024 Lyriq. Customers will not receive notification from Cadillac directly. The dealership will be able to send...
  2. Lockhart Cadillac
    Just spoke with someone from the Mothership. Sounds like a very limited number of 2023 AWD units will be produced for the general public. So our member who claims to be getting one.....might very well be true.
  3. Lockhart Cadillac
    Models / MSRP Tech $57,195 Luxury 1 $61,295 Sport 1 $61,795 Luxury 2 $65,595 Sport 2 $66,095 Luxury 3 $69,195 Sport 3 $69,695 +Destination $1,395 Additional Options: Propulsion, Electric AWD $3,500 Charging Module 19.2kw $1,480 Nappa Leather PKG $3,990 Driver Assist PKG $2,400 Black Painted...
  4. Lockhart Cadillac
    We will be @ Daytona January 26-29th. Anyone going? Would be nice to see some of you if possible! We will be posting all things Cadillac on our Instagram and TikTok accounts. Should be an incredible time!
  5. Lockhart Cadillac
    1/19 Possible allocation to order 2023 LYRIQ 1/27 Training / Updates 2024 LYRIQ 2/9 Possible allocation / ordering 2024 LYRIQ
  6. Lockhart Cadillac
    *1,500 LYRIQs being produced in Quarter 1. *AWD Currently in production. *700 LYRIQs shipping soon. Mainly DE's *Cadillac Continuing to lobby for the EV Credit. *OTA updates for Super Cruise and 360 Surround mid February *Cadillac understands they need better communication with the...
  7. Lockhart Cadillac
    Debut Editions Still Finishing Production (Early Quarter 1) Dealer Courtesy Vehicles Scheduled Next (500 + Units) Sounds Like A Small Run Of 2023 RWD Units Will Reach Dealers (Early Quarter 2) I asked when the 2024 AWD LYRIQ would be scheduled for a press release / event? More or less said...
  8. Lockhart Cadillac
    Incoming 2023 CT4-V BLACKWINGS Black / Jet Black Manual MSRP $71,960 Midnight Steel / Sky Cool Gray Auto MSRP $76,250 Summit White / Jet Black Auto MSRP $75,915 *All 3 Are Built And Awaiting Shipping. *None Of These Vehicles Listed Above Have Carbon Fiber 1/2. *Please Contact Me Directly...
  9. Lockhart Cadillac
    We had a customer order a CT5-V BLACKWING February 2021. Wanted Carbon Fiber 1 & 2. The order just got picked up today for production. Could have placed the order sooner without CF but it shows you what the waiting process is like if you really want it.
  10. Lockhart Cadillac
    Bid To Win Escalade-V. Click the LINQ for details.
  11. Lockhart Cadillac
    Deliveries have resumed as of last week. 2024 Info Now Coming January (2023) *Previously Dec 2022 Looks like additional units will be converted to 2024. More than first thought. 2023 Production numbers get smaller. We could see 2024 LYRIQ production start February 2023 LYRIQ training @...
  12. Lockhart Cadillac
    Black Raven Sky Cool Gray Manual Sunroof Tech PKG Red Calipers Wheels Satin Graphite Performance Recorder Climate PKG Sueded Steering Seat Belt / Torch Red MSRP $72,660 *Built and Inbound
  13. Lockhart Cadillac
    As we get closer.....hope this helps some of you.
  14. Lockhart Cadillac
    Just Announced: Beginning with production on 10/31/22, wireless phone charging (K4C) may no longer be available on certain 2023 model year Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV vehicles until further notice. There will be no retrofit offered, and in lieu of the feature, a $75 credit will be...
  15. Lockhart Cadillac
    Demo unit was at our Fishers location. Needed to take the LYRIQ off-site for charging. Before i plugged it in the LYRIQ was at about 15-20%. Had a minor hiccup at first with the EVgo charger itself. Would not recognize my app by NFC or credit card. Called the 1-800 number for EVgo. Reflashed the...
  16. Lockhart Cadillac
    Escalade-V Escalade-V ESV...
  17. Lockhart Cadillac
    Linq - The Better Way to Network Bid To Win The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V-Series Experience The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ Feel The Rush Of The Chip Ganassi DPI-V.R Click The Linq And Look For "Special Product Event" For Additional Information.
  18. Lockhart Cadillac
    Beginning with production on October 3rd, Super Cruise will return to 23MY Escalade, Including Escalade-V. Super Cruise will be included on all orders (excluding 1SA base trim) as a $2500 option until further notice.
  19. Lockhart Cadillac
    Black / Black Auto MSRP $76,045 *Built Black / Black Manual MSRP $71,960 *October Build No Carbon Fiber On Either Vehicle
  20. Lockhart Cadillac
    Radiant Red (2023 Premium Luxury) Infrared (2021 Sport Platinum)
1-20 of 36 Results