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  1. 005


  2. 0041


  3. sideshot


    da whold thing
  4. door


    pic of driver door with custom insignia from old kick panels. good idea right?
  5. overhead


    pic of top to show an aftermarket sunroof(pop-up) that i can;t wait to replace
  6. back seat

    back seat

    pic of the butter soft shyt
  7. side veiw mirror

    side veiw mirror

    custom emblem on both mirrors, just trying to be different
  8. pioneer ph3600

    pioneer ph3600

    pic of the head unit with my custom cadillac insignia knobs!
  9. pic of the leather

    pic of the leather

    upgraded to leather from a 90' deville in a junkyard the let me get all the seats for 200.00 it was well worth it. i hated those dusty plush seats even tho they were comfy they had to go
  10. front pass.

    front pass.

    quick pic of the pass. side
  11. in the driveway

    in the driveway

    after i put on the flaps
  12. me in the back

    me in the back

    just posing
  13. 18 inch

    18 inch

    pic of my rims before i put on the caddy mud flaps
  14. powerplant


    my 4.5 with ceramic paint, i am probally gonna redo it soon.
  15. at courtside

    at courtside

    i took this one at a old basketball court