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  1. Fan motor keeps running

    Cadillac Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 1999 - 2006
    My 2005 ESV's fan motor keeps running even when shut off, my fan controls don't work at all. Can anyone help?
  2. New Caddy Owner

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    Hi guys, thought I make an appearance. Just brought a 2000 Catera Sport with 148k miles on it(yes alot I know, im amazed its still running myself after everything i've read here!). For the day I drove it, it rocks! and everything besides the heated seats work (will check fuses for them later)...
  3. Introduction from new Catera owner

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    Hi Everybody, I've been on here reading up on Cateras and then recently picked up a couple so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm in the Seattle area and my regular job is race car fabrication. I've been looking for an interesting project car for a while, and I've always been a fan of...
  4. Please help getting frusterated!

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    Hi everyone I have a 98 Catera that i have had for about 3 years, in recent months i have changed the valve cover gaskets due to a leak and smoke coming from the car and it seemed that it was the only issue. Now i have a mysterious leak coming from underneath the vehicle. :hmm: I re-checked to...
  5. Catera Climate control failure, replaced module 3 what?

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    Fuses are all good, I've bought 3 units (used) in 3 days to try and get some A/C going in the Catera. All have blank screens. What else could it be?
  6. Question to Catera owners

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    Okay, heres the scoop. I have a 2000 Catera that I love driving. I got it from a local used car dealership. It didn't run when I got it, and quickly found out that the previous owner didn't take care of it at all. Once I got it running, and it warms up, I have a ticking noise. It sounds...
  7. Speedometer all goofy on 99' Catera

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    Hi, I'm Robb from the mid-Michigan area and I'm thinking about buying my brothers 99' Catera. It has some issues. The one that annoys me the most is the speedometer is off. The only time it's right is around 55mph. If I want to go 30mph the speedo reads 40mph. When above 55mph the speedo is off...
  8. 2000 catera idle ajustment?

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    is there anyway to adjust idle on these cars?
  9. Catera speed gauge won't work

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    I have a 2000 Cadillac Catera with some problems. Right now the speed gauge won't work and the Check Engine, Traction Control, and ABS lights are all on. After I drive it for a while the speed gauge will start working and the three lights will go off. Then the same thing will happen 15 minutes...
  10. Need help with 2001 Catera, heater valve leak?

    V6: 3.0, 3.2 LA3, 3.6 LY7, 3.6 DI LLT
    Hello, so 2 days ago My low coolant light came on, I topped it off, later that night the light was on and I had to add about 1-2 inches of fluid every time to the overflow container. So I looked under the car and can see a leak dripping off the transmission, I look under the hood and might...
  11. 01 catera thermostat

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    What is the difference between the 180 deg and 198 deg thermostat? Which is better for the car? Thanks.
  12. Catera won't start!

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    Hi everyone! My catera only starts in the mornings. If I drive it somewhere I will have to leave it over night because the car will not start. When trying to start the car during the day, it sounds as if there is no gas. It will give a resemblance of a start but it will be futile. The next...
  13. 00 catera stalling..low idle

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    2000 catera sport 91,xxx miles my dillemma started few months back. as for it would miss on cold start untill warmed up. well friday it gave up the ghost. i pulled the codes .multiple missfire codes. running rich bla bla. on the way home it would not go over 12mph. no throttle response at all...
  14. 98 catera injector problem

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    I got a 98 catera, with the number 4 injector not working. No signal from the (ecm) . Fuel pressure is good. New coil and spark plugs, wires look good, test good. I'm leaning on it being the ecm. Wanted to see what everybody else thought. No check engine light, but got codes p0304, Pending...
  15. 99 Catera Problems help

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    I just purchased a 99 catera from a private owner has 84000 miles on it. When i first got it home it had a engine misfire 300 302 303 304 ran rough sometimes stalling or pressing on the gas it would not go just backfires real bad also fluctuates in rpms. i changed coil packs and spark plugs...
  16. catera stalling again

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    hey guys, after my post that the catera was all fixed.. guess what? stalling! I have narrowed it down. This is exactly what is happening in sequence, same as last time. Car has 1/4 tank gas, I go to fill it, fill it up, go to start... Cranks annd cranks and cranks, finally starts, running...
  17. 98 catera wont start

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    I have a 98 cadillac catera that wont start after driving it for awhile.Started doing this after it got very hot outside.Would start fine the first thing in the morning when cold.I would stop for something on the way to work.Go inside and come back out and it wouldn't start.Cranks over fine and...
  18. 2000 catera - junk!?

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    With only 50K miles, the valves are bent. Timing belt broke. So what to do now? Will not spend another dime in this car, after $5500 in 4 years. At 25K miles, the steering gear box was replaced. Except for the engine, everything else about the car is great! Or at list livable. Looks good...
  19. 2001 catera ignition switch lock removal

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
  20. '98 Catera Evap Can Vent Valve Needed

    Cadillac Catera and Cimarron Forum
    My 98 Catera needs a vent valve (part number 90541907) to pass the emissions test. I have called part stores, dealerships, official GM parts distributors and no one can find one. Is anyone parting out a Catera or know of a salvage yard that would likely have one? I'm open to just about any solution.