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  1. XT6 Adaptive Driving Beam

    Cadillac XT6 First Generation Forum (2019+)
    Good day everyone, Let me first of start by saying that I love the XT6, the style and look has me wanting it in my garage for the past year. Even so much as to having a V version of it made. That being said though, I had to go with an Escalade for towing capacity that the vehicle just couldn’t...
  2. 2016 CTS Base Model Headlight bulb?

    2014+ Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Hi New here and new CTS owner. Have a question that I can't find any answer to. what bulb size is the headlight? I am 99% sure it's not HID as they look very low like halogen bulbs but everywhere I search says HID again this is the base model. Manuel is useless doesn't give me any info, I saw...