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  1. ATS General Discussion Forum
    I have an ATS 2014. I did a search through the forum to find where the GPS antenna is found. Most of the comments I found suggested that it is located under the dash and connects to the HMI, while other users also say there is an antenna found inside the shark fin. Can anyone help me clarify...
  2. DTS Forum - 2006-2011
    I purchased and installed a 2011 Lucerne VCIM (PN 22796947), everything is working well. Omac said he recommends getting a unit pulled from a DTS so first responders know they are looking for a DTS, not an Impala or other vehicle. Another post on this topic points out that without the GPS...
  3. SRX 2nd Generation Forum - 2010-2016
    My 2011 SRX suddenly doesn't have a GPS signal and only shows a compass which is also not accurate. The display also seems to have a mind of its own and will go up and down intermittently. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so, what do you recommend?
  4. ATS General Discussion Forum
    New member here - 2015 ATS4. 2.0t. Luxury trim DIC shows “CAL”. OnStar constantly displays a red light. Are these 2 events related? Does the compass GPS use the OnStar antenna? Is the compass direction displayed on the DIC only or is any directional information also displayed on the CUE...
  5. STS Forum - 2005-2012
    Hey guys, When I bought my 07 sts4 it didn't have navigation installed. GM doesn't sell the discs anymore. I bought one off of ebay. I loaded it into the DVD rom and it takes it and closes with a lock but nothing happens. I put it in the cd/DVD just to see and it said "disk copy protection...
  6. STS Forum - 2005-2012
    Hey! So yeah, this will be a quick walkthrough, and may be a little overly technical for some, so I'll try to make it simple. The basics are using Linux and a 'HackRF One' wireless transmitter to spoof the car into thinking it's a previous year, before our car's GPS-Y2K. Needed: Laptop Kali...
1-6 of 6 Results