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  1. Classic Cadillac Forum
    I'm about to send the engine into the shop for a complete overhaul in time for my cars 60th bday. After talking at Reno HAN I learned EFI is not that expensive and offers major improvements. I started digging around & got some questions I'm hoping someone can help with. Basically, the...
  2. Classic Cadillac Forum
    It probably makes no sense that I did this but the model turned out quite nicely so I thought I would let others take a look. This is a 1 year only connector. Cadillac moved to the round barrel style around mid 1976. There's actually a VIN cut-off if you check the GM parts catalog. These...
  3. SRX 1st Generation Forum - 2004-2009
    Under the hood, once the engine idles down low, there's a persistent "ticking" from what would appear t be my fuel injector. Has anyone else had this issue? I've heard that it's a fairly common issue. I've tried Techron, which seems to have helped it some, but I'm wondering if I should get new...
1-3 of 3 Results