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cts 2.0

  1. For Sale 2016 CTS 2.0T AWD Performance [V-Sport Pkg, Kona Leather on Black] - SOLD 9/24

    CTS/CTS-V Cars for Sale
    Original owner, still under warranty until March 2021, low miles with a lot of options (Loaded!). This is not your standard CTS please see the options below and let me know if you have any questions. 20,715 miles, all service performed at the dealer. Performance Trim 2.0T engine, All Wheel...
  2. LCD upgrade done

    Cadillac V-Sport General Discussion
    Finally did what I’ve been wanting to do for years since my 2014 CTS 2.0T , and what the dealer said it not possible . Well here you go analog to LCD gauge swap .
  3. CTS 2015 cylinder 2 fault

    2014+ Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Hi i have a cadillac cts that has the check engine light on, use the scanner and it tells me i have a missfire on cilynder 2 failure and an evaporation leak or something like that i already changed the spark plug and moved coil number two to the cylinder One to see if the coil was bad but after...
  4. 2015 CTS. Audio sound become lower after reload the system

    2014+ Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Yesterday was on the service, changing oil etc. after they reload an electronic system AUX music sound become much lower. Before when I put on 30-35 was like on a 60-65 now.
  5. CTS 2015 2.0 engine swap

    2014+ Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    A few years ago I bought a 2015 2.0L RWD CTS and I was wondering if there’s any hope in upgrading the engine to a 3.6L. I was looking online for an engine replacement and found a few great deals on a LFX RWD engine. So yeah my general question is would it be possible and what should I take into...