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  1. The Interceptor

    The Interceptor

  2. 2019 CT6 V carbon fiber

    Cadillac CT6-V Series Forum
    New to forum. Picked up my long awaited V. Looking to add carbon fiber side skirts and front splitter. Any recommendations? Online search has zero and only universal type available. Has anyone added these to their CT6? Thanks in advance.
  3. Inconsistent Super Cruise

    Cadillac CT6 1st Generation Forum (2016+)
    Has anyone else had this issue with Super Cruise? I got my 2019 CT6 Sport in July 2019. There is a highway I drive on regularly in the Washington, DC area (specifically Route 50 from Washington to the Bay Bridge, and then once over the bridge, I continue east on Rt 50 for another 30 miles or...
  4. CT6 + STS

    CT6 + STS

    OLD OR NEW??
  5. CT6 Parts Un-Availability

    Cadillac CT6 1st Generation Forum (2016+)
    I own a 2016 CT6 3.0TT Premium. I used to love the car -- but not this summer. On July 1 it was hit in the front left corner by a (likely texting) millennial in a Mazda who ran a red light. The Mazda was totaled, the CT6 can be repaired. But 8 weeks later it is still sitting in a body shop with...
  6. CT6 Transmission Issues

    Cadillac CT6 1st Generation Forum (2016+)
    Have the 2016 CT6 36.L AWD 8L45 transmission issues been resolved. Is there a satisfactory repair?