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  1. CT6 + STS

    CT6 + STS

    OLD OR NEW??
  2. CT6 Parts Un-Availability

    Cadillac CT6 1st Generation Forum (2016+)
    I own a 2016 CT6 3.0TT Premium. I used to love the car -- but not this summer. On July 1 it was hit in the front left corner by a (likely texting) millennial in a Mazda who ran a red light. The Mazda was totaled, the CT6 can be repaired. But 8 weeks later it is still sitting in a body shop with...
  3. CT6 Transmission Issues

    Cadillac CT6 1st Generation Forum (2016+)
    Have the 2016 CT6 36.L AWD 8L45 transmission issues been resolved. Is there a satisfactory repair?