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  1. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    Just managed to get ahold of a 2020 CT6 Platinum and couldn't be more excited! However, one thing I was really disappointed in was the removal of the Blu-Ray player in the back. I love to listen to audio books on long trips, and have many on CD, and my kids love picking out a few of their...
  2. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    Hello, just had a quick question about tire set up… so I have 20” Forgiato Trimestre wheels and had 245/35R20 Vogue tires and it drove perfectly and super smooth with no problems at all. The front don’t stick out much but the rear does by half inch. But when I noticed it was time to get new...
  3. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    Surround vision recording not working says no SD card loaded. This is the SD card I’m using and I have formatted it. SanDisk 64GB Ultra micro SDHC card C10 Anyone have any ideas?
  4. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    I’ve read through some of the older threads and I’m curious at what you guys are doing currently. I have a bone stock 2017 ct6 TT and I’m looking for a tune to flash. What do you guys recommend? I saw a lot about IPF, I called and they they unfortunately closed down after the pandemic. I’m new...
  5. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    Has anybody on here ever attempted to change the plugs on a 2016 ct6 3.0? If so can you supply me with a list or diagram on what needs to be removed to reach the plugs? Thank you
  6. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    The video screen that is behind the driver side does not come all the way out and wrist to the rear. Please look at the video and pictures to see what I am talking about. Has anybody else had this problem.
  7. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    I recently had one of my turbos fail on me. I took my 2018 CT6 Platinum into the dealership and I was shown that the metal turbine had actually broke off into pieces. The dealership will replace the turbo and catalytic converter. Due to the placement of the turbo should I be concerned about...
1-7 of 7 Results