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  1. Lockhart Cadillac
    Black Raven / Whisper / AWD On The Ground Today MSRP $71,325
  2. Lockhart Cadillac
    We had a customer order a CT5-V BLACKWING February 2021. Wanted Carbon Fiber 1 & 2. The order just got picked up today for production. Could have placed the order sooner without CF but it shows you what the waiting process is like if you really want it.
  3. CT5 Forum
    I'm currently making a 3D model of CT5 V, but I can't find the proper references for where the headlight LEDs/bulbs are supposed to be placed. Any CT5 owners able to help out? I need a pic of the headlight LEDs/bulbs while they're turned off. I assume the angle would be from down under Thanks...
  4. CT5-V Series Forum - 2020+
    Few people have asked so I made a short video of all the options on the dash
1-4 of 4 Results