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  1. CT4 Forum
    I wanted to connect my 2020 CT4 to my home wi-fi or my phone (use phone as a hotspot) to get updates, but the option is greyed out. I do not have any data plan for my car. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  2. CT4 & CT4-V Cars for Sale or Wanted
    #202 of the 6 speed manual Blackwings. There are 39 CT4-V Blackwings in Canada and only 10 with a manual tranny. 2350 kilometers Sueded microfibre steering wheel and shifter Carbon fiber 1 package Performance leather and cloth seats Full set of Michelin all season tires in addition to the...
  3. Trifecta Performance Custom Tuning
    We are happy to announce that TRIFECTA has purchased our own CT4-V Blackwing to develop our flash / native tuning product! Our solution will require ECM modification, and once completed, the ECM can be flashed / updated / datalogged in-vehicle without expensive and unreliable 'piggy back'...
  4. Lockhart Cadillac
    Scheduled Build Dates 12/6-12/20 Rift / Sky Cool Gray MSRP $75,365 *Automatic Shadow Metallic / Sky Cool Gray MSRP $74,965 *Automatic Summit White / Jet Black MSRP $81,440 *Carbon Fiber 1 & 2 *Automatic Please email if you need additional information. [email protected]
  5. ATS General Discussion Forum
    My ATS almost overheated while idling so when I got home I checked things out. Low radiator fluid. Radiator fan not working. Spark plugs equally covered in fluffy black carbon, all looked exactly the same. I think it’s the radiator coolant sensor, but not sure what to expect. I’m still under...
1-5 of 5 Results