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cold start problem
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  1. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    [2008 CTS 3.6 DI] Engine light is on code P0017. Could just be a sensor issue, but I know this code can also relate to an issue in the crank/cam or timing chain and tensioner. I have been noticing a whooping/thumping noise when starting the car cold. It will happen about ten seconds after the...
  2. Seville and Eldorado Forum
    I need this part for the 1976 Cadillac Seville I am working on. The second one I tried didn't work at all for starting and running under its own power. The first one I tried worked partially to run under its own power. I think the original computer didn't work very well. All three computers I...
1-2 of 2 Results