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cold air intake

  1. MPG loss after aftermarket parts install

    Cadillac ATS Performance Forum
    I put in an aftermarket air intake and exhaust system onto my 2016 ATS and now I’m getting about 5mpg anytime I’m hitting the gas to accelerate. I’m not putting my foot down or anything like that and the turbo is producing around 5-8 psi of boost. I’m wondering if there might be an issue with...
  2. STS Cold air intake

    Cadillac STS Forum 2005 through 2012
    I have a big question, I'm in Mexico and its very hard for me to find any parts for my 2007 STS Northstar V8 I'm wondering if I can use any other cold air intake and a grille out of a CTS, SRX, ATS or Escalade on my STS Thanks in advance
  3. WTB: 2.0T CAI and 19" rims

    ATS/ATS-V Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, I've been looking to get an ATS coupe for a while now, and have had a friend involved at a dealership looking for what I want for me but obviously this stay-at-home order in the US is slowing things down. If he doesn't find one to buy through them, I'm going to road trip to MI to pick...
  4. Is installing a cold air intake filtration system worth it?

    Cadillac SRX First Generation Forum 2004-2009
    I've read some articles and watched a lot of youtube videos on the subject of CAI systems. Having had read just about an equal amount "in favor of" & "against" pieces, the thing that I'm left thinking is the following: us it worth it to have a cold air intake system if I don't also have a...
  5. 2016 ATS Cold Air Intake

    Cadillac ATS Performance Forum
    I recently had an Injen air intake system EVO7302 installed on my 2016 2.0T ATS and iv'e noticed that the auto stop engine shut off no longer works. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this after an intake install and if its something i should worry about.