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  1. 94 FWB terrible Headlights

    RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood,1985-1996 Flee
    Was out in the 94 fleetwood last night on a moonless night on a country road and could hardly see! I have the standard lamps and it seems the main beam and high beam is onlyu coming from the one lamp in the headlamp - which on a close look seems a 4 lamp unit. The high beam must just switch on...
  2. The incompetence of Royal Gate Dodge Chrysler

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    I brought the Crossfire in for an intermittent supercharger and door locks that didn't work. I found the notes on the writeup amusing: --- PROBLEM: "CUST STATES CORRODED HARNESS, WATER INTRUSION IN LOCK MODULE, ACCORDING TO PREVIOUS DEALER" SOLUTION: "LOCK MODULE SUBMERGED IN ICE" Diagnostic...
  3. 10 Foreign Automaker Fails

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  4. 2009 CTS-V Brake Pads

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    The 2009 CTS-V brake pads throw a huge amount of brake dust. Has anyone come up with a replacement pad that is easy on the rotor, has equal stopping power and very little dust. Don't laugh, the Chrysler SRT8's have the same problem and it was solved with an after market pad. TIA.
  5. 1998 STS buy?

    Cadillac Seville / Cadillac Eldorado Forum
    Hello Caddy-Family. Today I was going take a look for a '98 STS with 90'000 KM (or ca. 56'000miles). For the first sight a awesome car! The price more than ok so my opinion. But I've got 2 special questions. The car dealer had no answer, he doesn't know... The exhaust end tips. They are in a...
  6. Meet Newton. He is a dog.

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    Just picked him up an hour ago. He's calm, quiet, and playful. Not high strung and reasonably agreeable (for a beagle) when being walked. He's taken a liking to the fence behind the music store next door as a place to relieve himself. He's a year old, and the previous owners are letting...
  7. Toyota warns of even bigger losses than expected

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    I've seen all sorts of threads about how American car companies don't deserve loans, since all their hardships are (supposedly) of their own making. If Congress and the media are right, and GM and Ford did this to themselves by building "dinosaurs" that no one wanted, then the Japanese car...
  8. Got frustrated, made an irrational decision, bought a Chrysler product...

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    With that said, it has to be one of the best irrational decisions I've made: I went against a personal rule and did something I didn't think I would do, that is get in debt on a vehicle. *WARNING* It is going to be a novel. How it all started, while cleaning up the Lincoln one day, I...