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  1. Lyriq Forum
    I thought I would bring this up. My range estimates have changed. I believe at some point someone thought the Lyriq only used the EPA range. However, after a little over a month of ownership, my range has changed slightly to the positive. When I first received my Debut Edition w/22’s 80%...
  2. Lyriq Forum
    Okay, I've received my first, well technically second OnStar Diagnostic Report. I received the first one the night I received the car, so I didn't think much of it. However, I have now received one after a month of ownership and it is full of "Action Suggested" caution cones with no content...
  3. Lyriq Forum
    How many owners can see their ‘Charge Status’ via the MyCadillac app? if so, do you also have your phone setup as a ‘Trusted Device’? This is not Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay. Trusted Device is actually its own thing. I am trying to see if their is a correlation between the Charge Status and...
1-3 of 3 Results