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  1. ATS General Discussion Forum
    greetings, can anyone diagnose my rear passenger side door lock/unlock malfunction? Thanks
  2. ATS General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2014 Cadillac ATS 2.0T This last winter my touch screen went out and my AC was stuck “On” for about three months. Upon fixing this issue, I have been having issues with the car stalling when reaching temperature. Once the car reaches operating temp, when I come to a stop the RPMs bog...
  3. ATS General Discussion Forum
    So my cue screen recently stopped working on my '13 ATS. Not the actual screen itself but the touchscreen aspect has gone out. Has anyone replaced this before? I know its a common issue with the cue screens but is there an option to just replace the screen/touch aspect without replacing the...
  4. ATS General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I have 2015 cadillac ats luxury and today I wet to cadillac showroom for inspection and they found many parts that need be replaced. Like coolant, oils I put a picture that the told ned t replaced. Can someone please hep me what ca I do by self or what should I do for changing products...
  5. ATS General Discussion Forum
    Hi everyone, I’m in an odd situation with my 2016 ATS, and I can’t seem to find any posts that cover my current issue. My driver side power seat is fully functional, however the right side of my seat will not recline or adjust at all. It still shifts front to back, up and down, lumbar support...
  6. ATS General Discussion Forum
    I’ve got a 2013 ATS 2.0T AWD. The car had about 69k miles when the piston ring cracked and piston itself bent. Somehow I was able to limp around for some time with the car running like that. About 3 weeks ago I took the car in to get a swap under my Ally warranty. Fast forward to today, I pick...
  7. ATS General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone have any idea what could be messing with my car electrically? I’m just looking for advice here. It keeps killing my batteries and this will be the 3rd battery I’ve used. 2 new and 1 used. I’ve had the starter, alternator and battery tested and it always comes back as a bad battery...
  8. ATS General Discussion Forum
    Every Spring is brake repair season in Vermont! I was hoping the Caddy would be different. Why? Cuz it’s a Caddy! But on my way home from Home Depot my car started making noise. Turned out to be a frozen right rear caliper. A quick fix turned into a much bigger project than I had expected.
  9. ATS & ATS-V Parts For Sale or Wanted
    For sale I have a nitrous outlets plate kit complete system for sale or trade. Paid close to $1000 and looking to just get something out of it since I dont have the time to install it. What comes with the kit is all necessary parts and also a purge kit as well. At one point I did test fit it and...
  10. DSC_0688_2_

    ATS 3.6 Premium RWD
1-10 of 10 Results