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  1. XT5 First Generation Forum - 2017+
    My lower front bumper continues to hang and you can see where the clips are not attached. I have had it “fixed” three times but it continues to happen. I have had many low profile cars and this is my 4th SRX/XT5 so it’s not that I am running into curbs. Has anyone else had this issue
  2. STS/STS-V Parts For Sale
    Unfortunately, my project STS-V has been totaled and it is time for me to move on. I have taken the Spectre CAI and Y-Pipe off, and it only has about 6 months and 3k miles through it after having been put on. It is in pretty much perfect condition, with just a minor dusting on the filter itself...
  3. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    I recently hit an animal on the highway and it tore up the plastic piece that hangs below the bumper. I have looked everyone online for this piece to replace it but I can’t find it anywhere. i’m looking for an original piece that’s exactly like the one from the factory.
1-3 of 3 Results