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  1. Sick of a few Things!

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    Let me start with I love my car! However I have a few things that I'm sick of and hope you guys can help. 1. My B&M Shifter just sucks!- it makes so much noise that it's about to drive me nuts. I have put like five sheets of dynomat around it. What do I do to make it go away. Do I just go back...
  2. Sal C. & Katshot's nonsensical nonsense.

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    This message has been split from a topic in the CTS area regarding a CTS with a 3.8 Grand National turbocharged engine: That's really amazing! Z06 and Viper territory!
  3. Oh, just some weird nonsensical stuff..

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    Thread split-off from the Perforated Seats thread. Thats funny. It seems taht the people that look big and mean are always the most sensitive. :-D :-D :-D