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  1. Classic Cadillac Forum
    hey y’all, blower motor started making a slightly different sound than usual and it’s not blowing any air. Seems tricky to get into it and I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a fuse or relay that causes it to not blow? It increases in speed and everything when I put it on low and high, just...
  2. FWD DeVille 1985-2005, Fleetwood, and 60 Special
    The heater on my 2004 Deville was making noise now it’s not coming on at all. Anyone else have this problem or any suggestions on why or what it could be?
  3. FWD DeVille 1985-2005, Fleetwood, and 60 Special
    We bought a blower motor after ours copped out, and my husband tried to install it. Long story short—he messed with it so long and couldn’t get it out. We’ve given up and need someone to install a blower motor at a reasonable price. This car was my father in law’s and we don’t want to take it to...
1-3 of 3 Results