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  2. Hopefully not?

    Cadillac Audio, Video and Security Systems
    Sup folks. Just here to ask a quick question. Is my sub gone for sure, or can this be fixed?? You see its disconnected at that part where it looks like it used to be glued together. The pic is bad, its a little dark but it is under the cone of the woofer, above the magnet in the back. I'll...
  3. Cadillac Customer Feedback - What This Section Is For

    Cadillac Customer Feedback
    This section is for customers of models in the current Cadillac lineup to discuss issues, problems, suggestions and offer constructive criticism. Posts are moderated as to keep a high-quality presentation for Cadillac executives to compile information. Site supporters override this moderation.
  4. Very biased moderation!

    Community Help
    EDIT--Katshot did NOT say this: Its quite different. I dont take it personally nor does it cloud my opinion of Toyota engineering and dependability. Luxury car rivalries tend to be of a more cerebral nature. The rivalry comes from mutual respect. Its tremendously different from Bob and Fred...
  5. I may be banned but here' goes

    Community Help
    Why the sudden attack on V owners and the V forum? Why move our threads or posts or challenge us to open up our meetings to ALL Cadillac owners? I look to the left and I see many V specific sponsors such as DTE, Lingenfelter, Mallet, BMR, Magna Charger that are here trying to get the V owner's...
  6. Jesse Jackson to Baptists: How'd you let the queers get in front of the line?

    Current Issues
    Civil right leader Jesse Jackson rallying a Black Baptist Church (set aside that all churches are off grounds for republican candidates according to liberal seperation of church and state groups) had this to say to the crowd before Kerry spoke: "How many of you — someone from your family —...
  7. Regarding moderator issues...

    Cadillac CTS First Generation Forum - 2003 - 2007
    Ive not been real happy about how people have handled themsevles here... If you have a problem with issues that you believe a moderator has made a bad judgement call, please talk to me, Sal, or Brett about it and we will take care of it. The flaming threads just get people all pissed off...
  8. I am the Cadillac man!

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    I had the opportunity to take a picture of the Caddy's all together before the Fleetwood was picked up this past weekend. Personally, I love Cadillacs. They are prestigous, luxurious, and the finest our country has to offer. My Dad almost named me Caddy, wouldn't that be something? If I can...