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  1. Need tips on procedure for replacing 2013 XTS battery

    Cadillac XTS Forum 2013-2019
    My 2013 XTS is overdue for a new battery (old battery is completely dead). I purchased the battery, and need help figuring out: (1) How to open the negative battery clamp, which seems to be stuck closed. (2) How to remove the distribution box that is attached to the top of the battery. (3) How...
  2. 09 CTS Sunroof issues

    Electrical Technical Information
    Having a lot of problems with the sunroof. Prior to it completely stopping, it would reverse itself when I’d close it. I went overseas and let it sit for 3 months, covered, when I came back, the sunroof and sunshade stopped working entirely. Fuses are in perfect condition. Since then, I’ve...
  3. 2014 SRX Key Fob Issues

    Cadillac SRX Second Generation Forum 2010-2016
    I know much has been written on this subject for the US market, but as a Canadian owner I have 2 key fobs, Fob 2 which works perfectly and Fob 1 which the system indicates "no remote detected". It has a new battery, works the doors and tailgate but no start unless in the console key holder. Also...
  4. 2006 DTS wont crank over and Autozone said battery was good.

    Cadillac DTS Forum 2006 through 2011
    My 2006 CADILLAC DTS wont start and wont crank. My key fobs dont work now. Battery is charged and was checked at autozone. When key is in on position after trying to starter in Accesory mode the radio doesnt turn on and i cant put windows up pr down or lock doors. Interior light are all on and...
  5. CTS 3.6 2008 locked out battery dead

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Hi guys today I woke up and tried entering my vehicle with the fob unlock however nothing happened. I manually opened the car door with the steel key and as soon as I tried turning the knob to start engine it showed on the screen that the battery volts are too low. I proceed to get out the...
  6. 2013 SRX: A starting issue in the Cadillac's DNA?

    Cadillac SRX Second Generation Forum 2010-2016
    I just purchased this Cadillac 2013 SRX less than 30 days ago. A starting problem developed last week and the battery was replaced under the 90-day warranty. As we speak, the car sits and will not remote-start although having the brand new battery installed by the dealership two days ago; I...
  7. Battery wrong way.

    Cadillac ATS General Discussion Forum
    I accidentally put on the terminals the wrong way, and of course huge spark when attaching the negative terminal. When connected the right way, the car does start and run normaly, and the car works fine. The only issue is that the power steering isn't working anymore, and infotainment screen...