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  1. Pinging

    Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including:1985-1992
    just got done doing the plugs in the deville . what a pain in the arse but its done ... anyway ive put 110 miles on it since the plugs were done and the basturd still pings with a tankload of 93 octaine in it , tossed some chevron techron cleaner in it too and it didnt do a damned thing
  2. Free HP

    Northstar Engines and System Technical Discussion
    If I were young..(LOL) and had this Caddy, I would take the shroud off the intake and clean it and use it in the winter. Induction temp needs to be cool as possible. Then I would start looking for ways to take a few hundred pounds off this machine. One is to cruise on no more than a quarter...
  3. El Camino Cadillac?

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  4. Cads with Forced Induction system

    Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    Is there any forced induction(turbo/super) system for our cads other than escalades? Super/Turbo Escalades
  5. 2003 Cadillac DeVille Specifications

    Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including:1985-1992
    General: Vehicle type four-door luxury sedan Chassis layout transversely mounted front engine and transaxle, front-wheel drive Construction unitized welded-steel body with rubber-isolated front cradle and rear suspension member Body material steel with aluminum hood and...