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ats awd

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    So yesterday on my way to work it was raining pretty good and I drove through some puddles. I have a 13 ATS 2.0T and it’s sitting right around 85,000 miles. While driving the gages started to drop to 0 and go back and fluctuate back and forth. On my way home from work, my voltage kept going...
  3. ATS General Discussion Forum
    So my car has been running fine but the other nigh when I was going to head to the gym I put in drive and started pulling out of my parking space in my apartment complex when I realized it started overheating and telling me to idle the engine. So I pulled back into my space and I haven't moved...
  4. ATS General Discussion Forum
    I keep reading about the rear wheel offset - my 2017 has the same tires/rims front and back. Are they supposed to be offset in the rear or does it matter ? I do think it would look better with the wheels out a bit further - how about spacers ? I enjoy the car - only has 16,000 on it so far -...