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  1. Escalade and ESV Forum - 2021+
    I just got my 2023 escalade and I enabled android auto. I don't like the look on the right screen since it's a rectangle that doesn't fill the screen. I disabled AA and am trying to use the built in nav. When i try to search for an address using the built-in nav, I am unable to get the hands...
  2. CT6 Forum - 2016-2020
    I have had my 2018 CT6 for almost 2 years now. I had it in for service the other day. Yesterday, when going down the road, I wanted to switch media (Can't remember why). So up comes my phone playing Pandora but no sound. Now before to have my phone connected, I needed to have the phone...
  3. 2008-2013 CTS General Discussion
    Hey everyone thought Id share a possible alternative to swapping out your OEM stereo. I know allot of us are on the fence due to the HVAC issues that arise from swapping out the OEM stereo.
  4. ATS General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I bought a 2016 Cadillac ATS on October 15th, 2016, it comes with Apply Carplay. Recently I switched my phone to Android and noticed that the 2016 ATS should also support Android Auto. I called my dealership and Cadillac service, they said I will need to pay extra (about 200-300 CAD) to get...
1-4 of 4 Results