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  1. DTS Forum - 2006-2011
    A dealership close to me has a great deal on a 2006 DTS Performance model (I don't think your every day car buyer appreciates this like I do, I love the quicker engine and transmission.) It has a better deal than anywhere else, but the dealership has a bunch of 2 star reviews from people...
  2. XT5 First Generation Forum - 2017+
    Hi I’ve seen some adaptive cruise threads and I’m curious if my adaptive cruise has the full speed, or full range adaptive cruise where it will actually come to a stop in traffic. And of course it’s something I don’t want to try. I did purchased a driver assistance package, so I don’t know how...
  3. Escalade and ESV Forum - 2015-2020
    So I took the 2017 Escalade we bought a week ago to a Cadillac dealer while we were on vacation. He was completely unhelpful and unsympathetic as I was telling him that my Adaptive Cruise Control wouldn’t work most of the trip. He said they could scan it for $125 to see if it was throwing an...
  4. XT4 1st Generation Forum - 2019+
    If the Technology Package is not installed on xt4, can the Adaptive Cruise function be installed by the dealer or whomever, and the cost if anyone knows. Thx
  5. ATS General Discussion Forum
    VERY curious is anyone is having these issues.... - adaptive cruise set and when changing to right lane car immediately slows 1 to 10 mph Occurs regardless of visibility, traffic, temperature ect Am being told this is common issue - adaptive cruise control set and then disengages with...
1-5 of 5 Results