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  1. 2007 Escalade ESV STOLEN.

    Cadillac Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    :suspense:Hello all! Something bad happened to me near Thanksgiving, that I wasn' thankfull for. :tisk: I went to my sisters house two days before Thanksgiving, and was planning to stay until Yesterday. My sister lives in Fresno, so it was about a 4-5 hour drive south from where I live. I...
  2. FAVORITE TV/Movie Cadillac????

    RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood,1985-1996 Flee
    What's your favorite Cadillac related TV/Movie??? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the movie Wise Guys with Danny Devito, Joe Piscopo and the late great Capt Lou Albano aka "Freddy the Fixer". My license plate on my FWB actually reads "FIXR" as an homage to the Fixer. 2 GREAT Cadillacs in that Movie...
  3. I'm parting with my favorite Simpson toddler seat

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    I remember people asking here about this in the past. This seat got more attention at car shows than you would believe. Here it is in the classifieds:
  4. The Beatles v. The Rolling Stones. Your favorite albums & songs?

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    I'm a Beatles nut. My all-time favorite band is either The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, not sure yet. I like how The Stones have more of a cocky swagger and their songs often delve into the "dirtier" subjects, but it's hard to argue that The Beatles were more talented as a whole and they as a...
  5. Chicago Meet T-Shirt Availability

    Great Lakes
    JimmyH and I have been working on a shirt design for the Chicago meet, and I've been getting prices. The original design had a color Cadillac wreath and crest on both the front and back, but screen printing all of those spot colors was going to be way too expensive ~$28 each. So we have some...
  6. went to my favorite place........

    Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including:1985-1992
    the alignment shop! I have a friend that runs one and he does some pretty fanatastic work I tell ya....put the car up and went through it real passenger tire was sitting neg camber past 1.16 and I disnt really catch the drivers numbers....basically it was OUTTA whack.....way outta...
  7. I saw my favorite supercar this weekend

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    I was just driving along 95 this weekend and this thing (see below) came up right behind me at a very high speed and I pretty much freaked out, had my passenger snap some paparazzi type photos because I had never seen one in person before Enjoy. It sounded great as it accellerated from about...
  8. Your favorite band . . . . . .

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    I'm a metal-head, through and through Iron Maiden is my band:worship::worship::worship: I traveled to New York back in March 2008, saw Iron Maiden live in the Izod Center in NJ. Show sold out the first day. Definetly the best live show ever. Even 25 years later, these guys ****ing rock...
  9. Favorite fuel injector cleaner or fuel treatment ?

    Cadillac SRX First Generation Forum 2004-2009
    I wanted to know what everyone knows about the injector cleaners. I have used Lucas and most recently Seafoam. Are any better than the others ?
  10. Your 5 favorite TV shows

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    Thought it'd be interesting to discuss our favorite shows. I'll start 1)the office 2)burn notice 3)house 4)psych 5)monk
  11. Favorite Beer?

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    On the other end of the spectrum, what's your favorite beer? I like: (in order) Cheap, easy to find domestics: Budweiser Coors Rarer/Specialty domestics: Surly Coffee Bender Surly Bender Blue Moon Fat Tire Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat Leinenkugel's Fireside Nut Brown (Seasonal) Summit Great...
  12. Favorite Cadillac PRE 2000

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    I wanna see your favorite pre 2000 cadillacs please, i dont wanna see any mention of audi, mercedes, BMW, infiniti, volvo, etc etc. id like to keep this thread entirely cadillac. Also, if you can, please keep it to one model, or one series at least (example, 94-96 FWB) ill start. although i...
  13. Favorite forgotten/under-rated luxury cars?

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    There are lots of luxury cars out there that don't get much attention, when they were new or used, or were under rated when put next to their competition. Which is nice on the used market because you can usually get a heck of a deal for next to nothing... Let's see here.... FWD Lincoln...
  14. What's Your Favorite Road?

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    Yesterday was my day off, so I spent some time engaging in one of my most favorite past times - Driving with no specific destination. Living in the suburbs of Seattle, going West takes you into the city while heading East takes you into a more rural setting. Some areas provide a nicer driving...
  15. TTAC Comparo:My Baby 2 the German 3 & 1 From Japan, CTS-V vs M3 vs RS4 vs IS-F vs C63

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    TTAC Comparo:My Baby 2 the German 3 & 1 From Japan, CTS-V vs M3 vs RS4 vs IS-F vs C63 A Comparo that Seems Unfair until U See the Big Boy Win... BREAK THRU.... 5th 4th 3rd 2nd
  16. Favorite iPhone apps?

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    So as most of you know, I got an iPhone about 3 weeks ago, and I'm looking to get some sweet apps. What do you recommend? So far I have: Urban Spoon Shazam Accuweather CheckPlease Compass Thats What She Said USA Today Fast Food Flixster What about you?
  17. Your All Time Least Favorite Cadillac . . .

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    Figured this question would spark some interesting discussion. Disregarding the Cimarron, what is your least favorite Cadillac of all time? I don't care too much for the '85 - '88 Devilles, myself.
  18. What is your favorite FireFox Add-in?

    Community Lounge, Introductions and General Discus
    Seems there are a few FF users out there. What version Firefox are you using and what are your favorite add-ins? Mine is FF2 and FF3 and DownThemAll is fantastic tool, use it all the time...
  19. Remote Start?

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    Do the auto CTS-Vs have remote start? The caddy site says this below but it't not clear what this feature is and why it is MN6 only. "EZ Key passive entry system without remote start (Included and only available with (MN6) 6-speed manual transmission.)"
  20. Favorite Exhaust

    Cadillac CTS First Generation Forum - 2003 - 2007
    Whats your favorite exhaust for the CTS? Also, what do you guys think about magnaflow?