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  1. Pricing Help

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Well, In the next day or two I may head to the dealership to make an offer on a new 2010 CTS that's on the lot. The car is listed in inventory on the dealer's website and has almost all the specs I am interested in. Of course whether the site's inventory is up to date is another question. As...
  2. Wagon owners: any problems yet?

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    I test drove the CTS Wagon when it came out, and was impressed even though I ended up ordering a 2010 BMW 535i wagon. However, my report impressed my parents enough that they are seriously considering a new CTS Wagon. Are there any problems that have surfaced now that these cars have been...
  3. Went to the Cadillac Culinary Challenge Yesterday

    Informal Lounge, Introductions, General Discussion
    Pretty fun, I'd recommend going if it comes to a city near you. They have new model Cadillac's out for you to test and it's not dealership based so they're is no selling or anything. Its put on by gm and kind of like a small version of auto-show in motion if you remember that. It was in a...
  4. Recaros and split rear seats now available on V Coupe!

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    The latest order guide shows that the Recaro seat option now includes split folding rear seats. Revision date is 6/21. Originally when you specified the Recaros it automatically deleted the split rear folding seats. This is big, because the trunk in the V Coupe is smaller than the sedan's. I...
  5. Cadillac Gunning for BMW

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    “Our goal is Cadillac against BMW -- very clearly. We will bring performance to these cars…and be on par or better than BMW. That is our plan.” Read more:
  6. newbie looking to trade Tan Captains chairs for 60/40 Split Bench (2007 Escalade)

    Cadillac Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    Just Bought my 2007 Escalade AWD Ebony/Cashmere, due to the untimely demise of my beloved 2007 Tahoe LTZ... 2007 Tahoes seemed to be priced so high (same as I paid 2 years ago) I figured I might as well spring a few grand more for the best. But these captains chairs are not for me. I like to...
  7. Vinyl roof seems are split apart on our '93 FWB

    RWD 19xx-1984 DeVille and Fleetwood,1985-1996 Flee
    We've got a 4" long split in the seam near the rear window. I'd like some suggestions on a way to repair it, or, at the very least, how to keep the water out. Thanks.
  8. Is the 3.0 good enough...or definately the 3.6?

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Lots of good deals out there on the 3.0, but I am not sure if those that have a CTS would say to definately get the 3.6? All opinions welcome!! Thanks!
  9. So who was driving the V that I raced last night in Detroit burbs? Was in GTR 275/96

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods
    Anyone on here? Couldn't tell if it was grey or black. Glad that State trooper seemed to be sleeping. I was in the white GTR . Sweet car! Is it stock? Kept up with me better than I expected.
  10. Autoweek Wagon Review

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    On Autoweek's .com forum today is a brief review of the CTS Wagon by Senior Editor Bob Gritzinger. He writes "This is one of the best cars on the planet right now when it comes to function and form and strong driving dynamics. The Wagon looks sleek and sporty." He goes on to say "Top it off...
  11. MSRP Reduction coming on all CTS and CTS Wagon models

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Starting Monday, Cadillac dealers will be receiving new invoices and new MSRP labels for all our 2010 CTS Inventory. These changes are being made to bring the CTS closer to "average transaction price" and are also increasing residual values by 3% across the board. This makes a Luxury...
  12. AB: CTS wins CR comparo, still not recommended

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion I don't see the CTS' reliability as being quite this bad but I cannot argue with this article or with the facts...
  13. Possible to split CTS classifieds??

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    I dont know exactly where to ask, but shouldnt the classifieds for CTS be split into pre 08 and 2008+, just like the forums are? It's hard to browse in it's current state.
  14. Google maps - post you cts or others found

    Cadillac CTS First Generation Forum - 2003 - 2007
    i was playing around with the google maps street level view and found this. i happen to know where my cts is in canada when they took the street level pics, im just waiting for them to upload it. so if you have found a CTS with a few mods post the link to it here. all you gotta do is click the...
  15. From M3 Forum- M3 vs CTSV

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods
    Per my status as a recent M3 owner-enjoy the link below
  16. Radiator Split

    Cadillac Seville / Cadillac Eldorado Forum
    So today driving home from work at 8am my raidiator decided to split down the side and overheat my car. I quickly got to the side of the highway and pulled over and shut her off. I then froze my ass off waiting on the tow truck. a nice lady stopped and let me get in to warm up till the tow truck...
  17. TTAC Comparo:My Baby 2 the German 3 & 1 From Japan, CTS-V vs M3 vs RS4 vs IS-F vs C63

    2009-2015 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    TTAC Comparo:My Baby 2 the German 3 & 1 From Japan, CTS-V vs M3 vs RS4 vs IS-F vs C63 A Comparo that Seems Unfair until U See the Big Boy Win... BREAK THRU.... 5th 4th 3rd 2nd
  18. how much clunk is to much clunk---if a clunk could split a diff

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V General Discussion
    ok first I have 05V with 18xxx miles, and I have a GMPP I've read the drivtrain "clunk" thread and the TSB on the issue my questions are: when I'm cruising slow and depress the clutch, i get a "double clunk" sound, and the "clunk" between shifts. At what point (from experience) will the...
  19. StealthV

    2004-2007 Cadillac CTS-V Performance Mods
    Hey, Does anyone know where Richard is? His email address has been deleted.... I am a bit worried...
  20. new member, hello

    2008-2013 Cadillac CTS General Discussion
    Hi, My CTS is 2009 Black Ice, DI, and FE2. Bought the car in 25sep08 and so far I have put over 3k miles. I am from Lansing, Mi about a mile away from the Cadillac plant. I am in the military, station in Pearl Harbor but living in Virginia. I just shipped the car to Pearl. When I bought the car...