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2007 escalade
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  1. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    I bought this 07 cadilac escalade second hand and I absolutely love it. But... Its a nightmare. First let me explain the issues. 1. Stalls after coming off highway speeds. Continues to stall in town if on highway for long periods of time. 2. Traction control comes on and then that seems to start...
  2. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    Hey guys, Was driving my vehicle a long distance and it had completely shut off on me when I was driving down a hill, still had electrical power inside the vehicle. Initially tried to start the vehicle and it would crank all the way but would not start. I had recently changed some parts as well...
  3. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    Does any one have a reliable place to purchase DRL, Headlight (HI/LO), BCM, and ballasts for an 07 Escalade? I have seen some kits available but website looks kind of sketchy. I've been to Autozone, NAPA, Advanced Auto, as well as local Cadillac Dealership but parts are way to expensive. I've...
  4. Escalade, EXT and ESV Forum - 2007-2014
    Hey y’all! I’m new here to this forum. Wanted to see if anyone has had this problem: My truck will drive for about 10 seconds, then go into what seems to be neutral. I’d have to turn off the truck, wait a few minutes, turn it back on and it’ll drive for 10 seconds then does the same thing...
1-4 of 4 Results