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  1. FWD DeVille 1985-2005, Fleetwood, and 60 Special
    Hello I have a 1991 Cadillac DeVille and was wondering what are the causes of the TPS open code E22? I have replaced it two times now and did the proper procedure for install and run so it could properly work. My main issue is after I have driven for about 1k miles the E22 code turns on so I...
  2. FWD DeVille 1985-2005, Fleetwood, and 60 Special
    1991 Cadillac Deville - Rough Idle and stalling Been chasing out a gremlin for rough idle, sluggish/if-not non-existent acceleration, and intermittent stalls. After the most current R/R which was all 8 Fuel Injectors (Upgraded Bosch 4 hole) a new FPR (Delphi FP1003) and new EGR Valve (ACDelco...
1-2 of 2 Results